Own your wellness journey by incorporating conscious living through the fabric we wear, what we add to our homes and what we put into our bodies…

I wanted to provide an online wellness store with the best products available. We are 100% family-operated and mission-focused.
We want to curate an experience you enjoy and can learn from. We prioritize relationship in an ever-increasing digital world, and each time you send us a message, you are connecting with real people, in a real way. We know we don’t have all the answers… but we have made it our mission to serve you through our experience, resources, and realism.

Hi there, I’m Roxy


I started out working as a Beauty and Sports Massage Therapist in Spas around the globe, and grew connections with supplement, product and natural material suppliers to find the best products available. I started developing natural products about a year ago, when I completed my Herbalist course.
It has always been my dream to be able to provide education and products and have a wellness centre that is now also turning into a online wellness shop.
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Wellness encompasses all of who you are as human beings. We believe that we have to keep our body, mind, soul, and spirit in sync. So in pursuit of wellness, we prioritize wellness in all areas of our being.
Our body – with wholesome nourishment, physical fitness, and an environment with minimized toxins.
Our mind – in balance, brain support and emotional agility, healthy habits, and growing relationships.
Our spirit – the essence of who we are, eternal beings.

Our home – a home is simply a refuge; a place that hugs us when we walk through the door. We need our homes to be places of nourishment.

Only when we look at all areas of our being can we find wellness, joy, and vibrant life. A life of purpose, and of pouring out to others. We are not meant to just survive, we were created to truly live!


What Customers Say

“Bought some of the low maintenance beautiful plants for our house and I just love them. Thank you for the quick and great service.”

Jenny Lourens

“My hormones have always been all over the place but with the Hormone Balance Supplement I feel great.”


“I bought the Lulu Bare Linen Pants and they are the most comfortable item of clothing in my cupboard.”

Angie Norton


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